Appliance Repair Tips

To avoid unnecessary service calls, check out these tips.

Washing Machine
  • To prevent overloading, load washing machine before turning the machine on, while all of your clothes are still dry. Do not pack the drum. This will prevent overloading and ensure clean clothes.
  • Under-loading your washer may cause the laundry to "float" in the drum and not clean properly.
  • Prevent clogging of water system. Do not put rugs with rubber backing in washer or dryer.
  • When using bleach, make sure that you pour the bleach into the bleach cup or, before putting any clothes in washer.
  • Be sure to use a water level that covers all laundry.
  • Make sure to check the tags on your clothes for the proper washing machine settings.
  • Keep the area around your washer and dryer clean, this will prevent dirt from going into the moving parts and motors and prolong the life of your machines.
  • Use high-efficiency soap for front-loading washers to prevent excessive suds
  • Check that the dryer is plugged in and has power.
  • For electric dryers - always reset the circuit breakers by turning them off and on a couple of times.
  • Check and ensure that the lint filter is clean.
  • Check the vent line to ensure that there are no kinks, or sharp turns. Additionally, make sure that the vent line isn't unnecessarily long. A shorter vent pipe means lower energy cost and faster drying
  • Check the outside vent to ensure unobstructed airflow and that the vent hood opens freely
  • Keep dryer area clean at all time.
  • Choose lower temperature settings and the automatic cycle. The auto cycle prevents over-drying and saves energy
  • If your dryer completed its cycle before you returned to the machine, turn the dryer back on, using the same settings for five minutes. This will fluff the clothes and minimize wrinkling.
  • To maximize the performance of you dryer, you must ensure maximum airflow. You can do this by keeping the filter clean and the vent unobstructed.